Social Media

Past the voices in his head, Gregg can hear (and thankfully, write) in the voices of others, tweeting for celebrities such as Shaquille O'Neal, John Cena, Bella Thorne and Kyrie Irving, to name four. He’s taken pop culture meme trends and helped create an integrated entertainment app for iPhone and Android. He’s created interactive concept components for website traction to the public (you know, like games, content and whatnot). He’s instigated reward programs, increasing traffic to those websites by as much as 75%. Has he developed PR social media campaigns to get to kids via their smart devices? Yes, he’s done that, as well as live PR events, “Sponsored By” Q&A segments, 360 integrated campaigns, viral marketing, B2B, QR, AR, OOH...ohh, he’s hit most every acronym you and AI can think of.

Gregg’s Odd Bits

Please enjoy the following list of Gregg’s random talents. All totally irrelevant, unless you happen to need them, in which case they’re indispensible. 

  • Professional Voiceover and on-camera talent. Check out Gregg’s IMDB page.

  • Owns a US Patent for Cheetos proprietary brand shapes.

  • Taught ad class to School of Visual Arts students.

  • Designed layout for the Chicago Botanic Gardens topiary exhibit.

  • Guest speaker at industry conventions, teaching how to create and maintain product spokes-characters.

  • Encyclopedic knowledge of all things, except encyclopedias.---just seeing if you’ve read this far…good for you!